You're a hard-working creative, knee deep in your unique work, juggling multiple clients, managing your inbox (will you EVER reach inbox zero?) and, fingers crossed, hoping your latest blog post will be read by more people than just your mom. 


Generate more client leads (without having to pay for expensive ads), grow your email list (and launch to an audience in love with your work), and finally get traction on all of your blog and content marketing efforts without having to constantly show up online every day (your gym misses you)?

Marketing is expensive—both in dollars and time. What if you knew exactly what to do when you hit publish on a new blog post with an automated workflow using Pinterest? What if you could grow your business with a solid organic strategy, broadening your marketing efforts on the content you are already creating, in less time with more results? What if you could feel less overwhelmed and make more progress toward marketing your creative business?


Learn actionable and digestible Pinterest marketing strategies to connect with your ideal audience. Finally have confidence with Pinterest marketing that generates leads and inquiries with a sustainable automated strategy.


  • How to optimize your Pinterest profile, discover your account's core keywords, and get discovered in searches.
  • How to optimize your blog content to get fans pinning your content from your website to Pinterest, getting more visibility on your pins.
  • How to make branded pin graphics using Canva with text overlay that are optimized for traffic.
  • How to AUTOMATE the whole process using Tailwind Intervals, Tailwind Tribes, and the all-new SmartLoop to maintain a consistent Pinterest presence (without handholding the platform).
  • How to use a repeatable 'publish to pin' workflow with your blog content using Tailwind.
  • How to analyze your Pinterest traffic with a custom Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • $30 off/Two Months Free of Tailwind!
  • Bonus Resources: Pin Progress Workbook and Checklists, Trello Keyword Guide and Pinterest Annual Planner, Canva Pinterest Templates to create beautiful pins, 100+ Blog Ideas for Wedding Professionals and Photographers, and Pinterest Board Inventory for Photographers, Creative Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle and Home Decor Bloggers.


“I took a coaching session with Vanessa last year and since then, my Pinterest has exploded. I implemented as much as I could from all the ideas she gave me and grew my Pinterest referral traffic by 784% in one year (from 1,152 sessions to 10,188!).  Also, I'm at 929.5k monthly viewers on Pinterest, which I find amazing.

As far as revenue goes, last year I brought in over $16k from Pinterest conversions. It's hard to say exactly because not everyone fills out the "how did you find us" part of our contact form correctly - sometimes they put "search engine" and then I find out it was Pinterest but I'd estimate it to be over $25k. ”

- Alexandra Peterson, Idalia Photography

“Vanessa’s Pinterest tutorials grew my viewers by over 40x in 30 days! My business account went from practically non-existent, to now consistently growing in a very short amount of time. 

And, the best part is, I barely touched it since following her tutorials for the initial set-up! I wish I had realized how doable this was sooner.”

– Kathryn Joachim, Creme Brands 


Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome! Start Here!

    • Welcome!

    • Link to the Google Analytics Dashboard

    • Installing and Using the Google Analytics Dashboard for Pinterest

    • A Tour of Pinterest Features

    • Pin Progress Workbook

  • 2

    Module 1: Crafting a Pinterest Profile

    • Convert to a Business Account

    • Validating Rich Pins

    • Claiming your Domain

    • Claiming your Domain Video

    • Claiming Your YouTube, Instagram, and Etsy Accounts on Pinterest

    • Pinterest Profile Image, Description, and Location

    • Choosing Your Core Boards

    • Board Bank List

    • Seasonal Pinterest Boards

    • Personal v.s. Group Boards

  • 3

    Module 2: Keywords on Pinterest

    • Using the Trello Keyword Bank Board

    • Trello Board Keyword Bank Link

    • Using the Pinterest Search Bar

    • KW Finder Tool Link

    • Getting Specific with Keywords

    • Using the Promoted Pin Keyword Search

    • Using the Hashtag Bank with Trello

    • WP Tasty Pins Link

    • Finding Hashtags on the Pinterest Platform

    • Writing Pin Descriptions

    • (NEW FOR 2020) How to use Pin Titles

  • 4

    Module 3: Blogging for Pinterest

    • Get the Blog Post Ideas

    • How to use the Blog Ideas Board

    • Why Blogging Matters

    • Pin Progress Blog Post Guide

    • Optimizing your Blog Posts for Pinterest

    • Creating Multiple Pin Images for each Blog Post

    • My Blog Formatting Process

  • 5

    Module 4: Pin Images and Graphics

    • Overview of Pin Graphics on Pinterest

    • Using the Activity Tab

    • MAKE A COPY: Canva Graphic Templates

    • Using the Canva Templates

    • Uploading Pin images directly to the Pinterest platform (with a peek of my workflow)

  • 6

    Tailwind Module 1: An Introduction to Tailwind

    • Tailwind Settings

  • 7

    Tailwind Module 2: Navigation

    • Tailwind Homepage Overview

  • 8

    Tailwind Module 3: Smart Schedule

    • How to Use the Smart Schedule

  • 9

    Tailwind Module 4: Interval Pinning

    • How to Use Interval Scheduling

  • 10

    Tailwind Module 5: Board lists

    • How to Use Board Lists

    • Worksheet: Board Lists

    • How to Schedule Video Pins on Tailwind

  • 11

    Tailwind Module 6: Tailwind Analytics

    • Introduction to Pinterest Analytics

    • Introduction to Tailwind Analytics

    • Worksheet: Content Questions

  • 12

    Tailwind Module 7: Tailwind Tribes

    • Tailwind Tribes

    • Tailwind Tribe Insights

  • 13

    Tailwind Module 8: My Pinterest Workflow

    • Pinterest Workflow

  • 14

    Tailwind Module 9: Using Tailwind on Mobile

    • Tailwind & iOS

  • 15

    Tailwind Module 10: Tailwind SmartLoop

    • Introduction: Why you should repurpose your evergreen and seasonal content with SmartLoop

    • SmartLoop Navigation

    • How to create a SmartLoop Campaign

    • Evaluating your SmartLoop Campaign Quarterly

  • 16

    Module 5: Using a Pinterest Workflow

    • My Pinterest Workflow on Wordpress

    • My Pinterest Workflow while adding a manual pin description

  • 17

    Module 6: Using Google Analytics to Interpret your Pinterest Traffic

    • Using the Pinterest Dashboard and Analyzing the Data

    • 2019 Pinterest Analytics Dashbaord

  • 18

    Bonus Items: Using Pinterest and Other Platforms

    • How to use Pinterest to get more traffic to YouTube

    • How to use Shop the Look Tagging (for E-commerce and Educators)

    • How to use Pinterest to grow your Instagram profile

    • Pinterest Strategy for E-Commerce Brands

    • How to use Video Pins

    • NEW: How to Create Video Pins in Keynote

    • How to schedule Video Pins via Tailwind

    • Converting to MP4 and Styled Stock Videos

  • 19

    Pinterest Stories

    • How to use a Pinterest Story

Hello there, friend!

Vanessa Kynes

Vanessa is a Pinterest Marketing Strategist for creative small businesses. As a YouTuber, blogger, and consultant, she helps creative small businesses blossom by creating traffic-generating Pinterest strategies to increase their visibility. Juggling the demands of her own budding business with those of family and home, she specializes in efficient productivity, making the most out of every moment, and every pin! Hailing originally from the great state of Texas, she has lived in two foreign countries and enjoys traveling with her three sweet daughters and memory-seeking husband while residing in the Pacific Northwest. You can find her blogging about Pinterest at